Not Wonderland
Thoughts on thoughts

Every thought deserves validity. Each one is a random creation of our conscious or subconscious mind, begging to exist and be explored.


The cosmos is a fractal picture…

an infinite fractal moving picture.

It is infinite within ourselves and all beings…

It is infinite outwards of all beings.

And all the space in between

is the negative picture of itself. 

Just thoughts on crazy infiniteness.

Someone help me translate this. / alguien que sepa traducir, ayuda

Someone help me translate this. / alguien que sepa traducir, ayuda

So loud that the aliens come

I want to sing so loud
I want to make people sing with me, loud
I want to send a massive sound into the corners of the universe. A beautiful sound the living make when music takes them. I want to let music flow through me like rivers of living water. Waves that make me and the world around me move.
I want to sing outside in nature.
Like the bird on the tree.
Like the cicada in the heat of summer.
I want to tie my voice with the voice of millions singing and screaming together “Hear us! We exist!”

Random Cosmos Thoughts

 Neil just nailed it. He mentioned how in the distant future, our sun will be nothing but a dwarf star… just waiting to vanish… and how he wonders if future beings will ever look at that star and think about the life and warmth it fostered…

It blew my fucking mind hole out, dude. Thinking that we can pretty much pick any spot in the sky and see millions of stars… some of those suns… who may have fostered life for so many other life forms. And it makes me wonder. Maybe… right now we cannot access our counterpart alien life forms because we are just too far from each other… but maybe our kind… whatever we call life and all life forms, they happen… in seasons of the universe. Where perhaps it takes millions and eons to foster life… for the potion to be perfect for it… midst the chaos and harmony that is the cosmos? Just a random but not too random occurrence that happens when you mix seemingly infinite time and space and matter and antimatter into the pot. 

The universe is so fucking beautiful and crazy i can’t even… to be part of it… to have any awareness whatsoever of the genius behind it… and somehow be IT. Holy fucking jumping Jesus…. I just. Well.. eh. Bye. 


If I’m ever going to be honest with myself, I should start embracing my inner serial killer and start killing people.

Sleep on that

Some landscape

Some landscape

Let’s test your sexuality!





I got a four, what did you get?

… I failed this…
That is… Concerning…

I got a four… lolz. 

I got an F. I reread all the questions, verified my answers and still got an F.

I got a 3… interesting. 

Battlecry to All Educators

I’m an educator and I believe in magic. Well… you believe in all kinds of crazy things… when they work. I believe in magic because I think it’s real, because I have felt it, or seen it in one way or another. I have seen my life change the way that alchemy transforms things and as an educator, I have seen beautiful changes in children as they grow in learning. It was magical. I’ve felt things that I can’t explain, so I call it magic. 

I think, you and I are magic. I think that particularly educators, do magic. You, cast the spells that defeat the darkness of ignorance, that keeps people in fear. You, educator, with your sacrifice, pain, sweat, blood and tears, have brewed the potion of salvation, which is education.

Every day, you have the power to change the FATE OF THE EARTH! Educator, WAKE UP and take your place in this world. We are fighting darkness like no other profession can. We have the future of the world in our hands. You can change the course of history with your word, with your intention, with your caring of this nation, of the children of this earth, who are just, pleading, BEGGING for help, for love, for understanding. For someone who fucking believes in them, and who does not put up with their excuses. Because, there is NO excuse, once you know what is right and good, to do what is wrong and evil… Unless you take some kind of sick pleasure in evil and if you do, I WILL find you, and I will destroy you…

with love. 

(insert witch cackle)

Destino by Dali and Disney. 

Destino by Dali and Disney. 



Random thoughts 1-18-2014 /18-1-2014

I’m lost. I attach. I let go. I am lost. I am lost in the awareness of my self. In the abstract world… I’m too aware of the thought. The physical is such a distraction… a sweet distraction. I get lost in the distraction… feel me… see me… The self. I see you. You are a sphere; an atom. A mass that contains the data that is the universe. I see your potential. I embrace the worlds you let me create.

(I even got lost typing this not knowing what the fuck I was writing because I decided to type with my mothermotherfucking eyes closed. Fuck English. Loop back.) I am lost… I am following the white rabbit in twenty thousand different rabbit holes… (that melted “Dali”-like pocket watch of his) I’m lost. I need light. I need direction. What does my internal GPS read? North… south, east… I get lost in the beauty of this journey… I get caught in its web… I observe it through the eyes of an insect in a spiderweb, knowing its inevitable doom. (Unless some human killed the spider… nice try.) I’m lost

I lose my place. I spiral out. I can’t focus because every thought is fighting for the spotlight.




That is a thought I self incepted once a long time ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever been the same. I thought… “What if I could think all the things at once? What if I could be all the things at once? … What if we already are?…” I go down that rabbit hole… and see light. Literally… I have been typing with my eyes closed and all of a sudden… the light, is yellow; the dark, is light. I have always seen the brightest of things with my eyes closed. Trying to stare at bright things with your waking eyes is nearly impossible. It is the journey inside that allows you to stare at the light dead in the face and be able to take it, and be it, and understand that WE ARE LIGHT, piercing through time and space, in a journey so fast and furious that can only be measured in light years… Light years! That concept exists…

(Somewhat edited for spelling cuz it’s annoying ;p)